Stop Chasing Goals and Live the Life You Want NOW!

Use the Power of Intent to Create What You Want

Three Consecutive Wednesdays:

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Get beyond the limitations of goal planning and engage in Meaningful Intentions© filled with passion, purpose, love and benefits for all. Unlike goal chasing, your happiness is not deferred to some distant point in time. Happiness is here NOW in this precious perfect moment.

Use the Power of Intent to Create What You Want

Do you ever wonder why some people:

  • Flourish financially regardless of economic conditions?
  • Move forward and remain optimistic even under the most trying of circumstances?
  • Have plenty of time to do all the things they enjoy while others never seem to have enough?

When asked, and I have asked many, these people will tell you that they have:

  • A passionate purpose and can see, smell, taste, touch and feel the benefits of their intentions
  • Cultivated a knowing, beyond belief, that their aims are attainable
  • An awareness of their talents and strengths and apply them without the need to be all things to all people

What they have, and what this program offers you, is Clarity of Intention.

"I am so glad I found the "Power of Intent" framework! I have worked with the material for a while now and see that I am manifesting more and more of what I want into my life. I've used it with advancing my career, deepening my relationship, and most currently, with getting into better physical shape. The process is easy to follow, taps into my own creativity and is amazingly powerful. I can't recommend it enough!" -P. Zill, Hastings NY

Complete course description follows...

Course Objective:

Upon the completion of this 3-session program, you will have created a concise and well-articulated Meaningful Intentions© Statement. You will experience the power of clear intention that will propel you forward, beyond any resistance and attract thoughts, people and events into your life in alignment with your intention.

Course Description:

In Session One...

You Will Learn and Understand:

  • The Definitions and Distinctions of Meaningful Intentions© vs. Desires and Goals
  • The Shift from Reactive to Creative
  • The Benefits of Process Orientation vs. Future Orientation
  • How Meaningful Intentions© Enable You to be Fully in the Present. Happiness is Here Now, in this Present Moment
  • How You Can Achieve Your Desires and Aims by Incorporating Activities that You Naturally Engage in with Delight
  • The Paradox of Being Passionately Involved yet Detached
  • How to Use Goals Effectively Within the Process
  • The Importance of Being Consciously Aware of Your Passions, Talents and Values
  • How to Use Mind Mapping to Evoke Your Passions, Talents & Values
  • How Meaningful Intentions Simplify Your Decision Making

The Fieldwork:

Your fieldwork will be to cultivate clarity and awareness of your Passions, Talents & Values.

In Session Two...

We'll review the fieldwork from session one and…

You Will Learn How To:

  • Amplify the Benefits of Your Intention
  • Use Two Dynamic Meditation Exercises to Direct Your Meaningful Intention© into Your Subconscious Mind
  • Begin to Write a Meaningful Intention© Statement

The Fieldwork:

Your fieldwork will be to take what you have learned in the first two sessions and write one concise and well-articulated Meaningful Intention© Statement.

In Session Three...

You will

  • Share Your Meaningful Intention with the Group
  • Get Support and Coaching to Fine Tune Your Process

Beyond this forum, you will be offered support with a complimentary one-on-one coaching session or in a group setting if you prefer.

"When I first heard about Meaningful Intentions I was so excited, because they provided the answer to a question I'd been struggling with. How can I be truly present in the current moment, mindful, living for the now, but have plans and goals for the future? Meaningful Intentions provide the bridge between living for right now, while still shaping, refining and improving the future." -R. Hiller, Spring Valley, NY

Never Miss a Session:

Our Online Audio Player eliminates any challenge in scheduling conflicts. Even if you are unable to attend a session “live” you are encouraged to register. In doing so, you will be certain to receive the class notes and a link to the Online Audio Player enabling you to take the class at your own convenience.

Programs are also available on Audio CD/MP3.