Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5

Tools to Attract a Rich and Balanced Life

Two Consecutive Wednesdays:

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Align with the rhythm of life. Synchronicity and meaningful coincidences are happening all the time. The Fabulous 5 Dynamic Meditation will set an environment for you to become consciously aware of this reality.

You will discover the power of your mind to attract more of what you desire -- maintain a state of calm -- enjoy a healthy balance -- contribute positively to others and to the world.

You will use Dynamic Meditation to set the environment for intuition, inspiration, and insights. You will learn a variety of methods you can use to align with your unique nature to create and attract ideal outcomes within each of your Fabulous 5 areas. The Fabulous 5 areas are Wellness, Career and Finances, Relationships, Recreation, & Contribution.

This one hour TeleClass will amplify the ideas, concepts and strategies offered in the Intentions article "Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5." You will also learn and experience the Fab 5 Dynamic Meditation on this call.

This teleclass is a must for anyone who chooses to proactively design their life rather than live a life subject to circumstances. If you believe your life is meant to be enjoyed, without the need to struggle this program is for you.


Enjoy all of the benefits of Dynamic Meditation PLUS

• Eliminate overwhelm; feel and be more grounded
• Gain momentum in all areas of your life
• Enhance self-esteem and confidence
• Increase possibility thinking, creativity and intuitive insights
• Enjoy the process as well as fulfilling your desires and aims

Key Points:

• Cultivating our ability to direct our attention is transformational
• Every thought has a physiological, psychological and emotional impact
• The brain does not know the difference between a real or vividly imagined thought
• Visualization and imagination are two faculties of genius
• Emotion is more powerful than you realize
• Project end-results and let your subconscious mind handle the details
• Synchronicity and “meaningful” coincidences are evident to the prepared mind

Never Miss a Session:

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Programs are also available on Audio CD/MP3.