with Michele Blood

Use of the power of the "jingle" to inspire you to succeed. Madison Avenue knows quite well that advertising slogans, when set to music, are not only retained in the conscious mind but speak directly to the subconcious mind as well.

Michele Blood, who I affectionately refer to as the Australian Spitfire, has taken her brilliant musical talent and created music to inspire and motivate us to succeed. She combined her understanding of the mind and the power of affirmation to heal herself from a near fatal car accident. This led to her discovery she calls MusiVation. Michele turned her misfortune into great wealth both financially and spiritually. Her passion now is to share her gifts to create wealth of all kinds for people all over the world.

Michele's innovative nature continues to evolve in new ways, most notably with her latest production MPowerTV.com - the world's first positive, educational, success Internet TV show.

Nourish your mind with one of Michele's motivational songs for success every day. Just click on Michele below and enjoy!

Motivational Song for Success


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