Outcome Stimulation and Process Stimulation

Outcome Stimulation

As the name implies, Outcome Stimulation “stimulates” the creative mind to add/attract more information into your bio-computer (brain). You direct your attention to the outcome/end result of what you desire, then let go, and wait for the creative mind to figure out the details with the delivery of an AHA! Although this exercise can be practiced at anytime, it is most effective at bedtime when you are about to retire. Once asleep, your logical, rational left-brain, the brain that is forever figuring, calculating, judging will be passive, allowing the “creative” mind the freedom to seek information without the limitations of what the rational brain "thinks" is possible.

Process Stimulation

Process Stimulation orders and aligns the outer conscious with the subconscious (inner conscious) mind. Also known as mental rehearsal, process stimulation is very popular with professional athletes and a standard in sports psychology. They *see* themselves going through the steps of an event from beginning to end. Process stimulation can take the edge off a busy schedule, eases the tension prior to the delivery of a speech or the anticipation experienced before a business negotiation or even a blind date. The applications are endless. This approach gives your brain and mind the sense that you've done it already; therefore, less anxiety, more enjoyment and ease. When at ease, we tend to be more graceful and creative; we are more persuasive and attractive as well. Multiply the power of these exercises by evoking the power of emotion (heart) to what may be largely a mental (head) practice. Let us not view one better than another. Both Outcome and Process stimulation are valid tools for your dynamic meditations. Apply them appropriately.

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