The Benefits of Dynamic Meditation are Numerous:

Physiological Benefits:

· Reduces stress and increases relaxation
· Lowers heart rate
· Reduces blood pressure
· Lowers cortisol and lactate levels favoring ease and weight reduction
· Reduces free radicals known to cause tissue damage, many diseases and a major factor in aging
· Increases energy and stamina
· Strengthens your immune system

Mental & Emotional Benefits:

· Enhances mental clarity and focus
· Replaces overwhelm with a sense of well-grounded capability
· Increases patience and understanding
· Expands creativity
· Awakens and develops intuitive ability

Experiential Benefits:

· Reduces reactiveness and enhances purposefulness
· Enhances relationships
· Increases personal and professional performance and achievement
· Fosters more efficient and effective use of time
· Bolsters confidence

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