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Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5
Tools to Attract a Rich and Balanced Life
Align with the rhythm of life and let intuition, inspiration, and insights create and attract ideal outcomes within the Fabulous 5 areas of your life. Discover the power of your mind to -- maintain a state of calm -- enjoy a healthy balance -- contribute positively to others and to the world. We’ll amplify the concepts and strategies offered in the Intentions article "Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5" and experience the Fab 5 Dynamic Meditation on the call.

Side/Track 1 - Understanding the Process & Mental Exercise Orientation

Side/Track 2 - The Fabulous 5 Mental Exercise

$12.00 (Includes S&H)

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Slow Down and Benefit from "Negative Emotions"
The Body-Mind Wisdon Model
When we try to "figure things out" logically, we'll often get a logical answer and that is great. When we try to figure things out emotionally charged issues and don't get an acceptible answer we tend to try even harder to figure it out and get nothing but contracted energy, frustration, exhaustion, increasing concern, worry and self-judgment.

My suggestion is... when in doubt, don't figure it out. Shift from the intellect to your intuitive body-mind wisdom.

Side/Track 1 - Slow Down and Benefit from "Negative" Emotions

Side/Track 2 - The Body-Mind Wisdom Exercise

$12.00 (Includes S&H)

More Info about the Intentions Article
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· Relax and Open the Creative Mind

· Observe Self-Talk

· Identify Beliefs

· Access the Subconscious Mind

· Establish New Beliefs

· Create & Engage in Meaningful Intentions

· Be Attracted into Action